Our Staff

Executive Director 
John C. Ungar
John C. UngarJohn comes to Dignity Housing with 20 years of experience with nonprofit organizations, particularly dealing with housing and economic development.  He holds a J.D. from Boston University School of Law, and a B.A from Cornell University.  He brings a strong passion for serving the needs of low-income communities.  John has held a variety of nonprofit leadership positions, including roles as Executive Director, Chief Operating Officer, Legal Counsel and Board President.  He has proven expertise in successfully completing residential, commercial and mixed use real estate development projects, creating and implementing programs, funds development, startup organizations and leading organizations through transition.


Vanessa Tercero Deputy Director

Deputy Director
Vanessa Y. Tercero

Vanessa Tercero is a 18 year veteran staff member with a master’s degree in public administration and public policy from Rutgers University. Ms. Tercero oversees the daily operations of the organization. Social Service activities include development and implementation of programming and services for residents at the Dignity II, Dignity III and ESP housing programs. Fund Development activities include individual donor cultivation, special events, foundation grant writing, as well as compliance and timely reporting of Dignity’s government contracts. Ms. Tercero also coordinates the agency’s policy and advocacy work aimed at ensuring the continued investment of resources for affordable housing and services for the homeless. Prior to assuming her role as Deputy Director, Ms. Tercero served as the agency’s Development Director, Senior Contracts Monitor and Policy Analyst, Director of Social Services, and Director of Program Operations.

Dignity Housing Staff

John Ungar Executive Director jungar@dignityhousing.org
Vanessa Tercero Deputy Director vtercero@dignityhousing.org
Tina Tyson Office Manager/HR Coordinator ttyson@dignityhousing.org
Brenda Austin Director of Finance baustin@dignityhousing.org
 Fund Development
Jessica Blum Development Manager jblum@dignityhousing.org
Social Service Division
Kate Simmer Intake Coordinator ksimmer@dignityhousing.org
Ashley Shearer Senior Case Manager ashearer@dignityhousing.org
Morgan Williams Case Manager  mwilliams@dignityhousing.org
Wanda Felder Education Coordinator wfelder@dignityhousing.org
Property Management
Linda Miles Office/Property Mgr. Assistant lmiles@dignityhousing.org
Al Myarick Property Manager amyarick@dignityhousing.org
DeShawn Knight Maintenance
Christopher Morris Maintenance

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