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Dignity Housing Multi-Family House

Dignity Housing is no longer able to accept housing applications directly from applicants or other service providers.  All residents come to Dignity Housing through Philadelphia’s Centralized Homeless Intake Services.  Managed by the City of Philadelphia Office of Homeless Service, Philadelphia’s Coordinated Entry and Assessment-Based Housing Referral System (CEA-BHRS) is a process designed to coordinate program participant access, assessment, and referrals to homeless assistance services and housing. CEA-BHRS (pronounced “sea-breeze”) shifts the focus from a strategy that says “Should we accept this household into our program?” to one that says “What housing /service assistance is best for each household and quickly ends their housing crisis permanently?



If you are currently experiencing homelessness, please report to one of the central intake centers listed. You must go through central intake for an initial assessment of your housing needs before placement into the homeless housing system.

Intake by category:

Families/Single Women Seeking Emergency Housing Services

Appletree Family Center
Intake: Mon-Fri: 7am-5pm
1430 Cherry Street
215-686-7150, 7151, or 7153

Families Only Seeking Emergency Housing After-Hours Services

Salvation Army Red Shield Family Residence
Intake: Daily, Holidays & Weekends: After 5pm
715 N. Broad Street

Single Women Only Seeking Emergency Housing
After-Hours Services

Gaudenzia’s House of Passage, Kirkbride Center
Intake: Holidays & Weekends:
After 5pm
48th Street and Haverford Avenue (48th Street side entrance)

Single Men Seeking Emergency Housing Services

The Roosevelt Darby Center
Intake: Mon-Fri: 7am-5pm
802 North Broad Street

Single Men Seeking Emergency Housing After-Hours Services

Station House
Intake: Holidays & Weekends:
After 5pm
2601 N. Broad Street (rear entrance)

Men at Sunday Breakfast Rescue Mission
302 N. 13th Street


Other Resources and Information

Where to Turn – For information on: Benefits Access, Day/Drop-In Centers, Domestic Violence, Emergency Housing, HIV/AIDS Services, Human Trafficking, Legal Services, LGBTQ Services, Medical Non-Emergency, Mental Health Support, Recovery Resources/Substance Use, Syringe Exchange, Veterans Services, and Youth Services

Free Meals –  List of free meal sites with addresses and phones. Also lists agencies that provide places to rest during the day that do not require participation in their services.

Philadelphia Homeless 24 hour Outreach Hotline: 215-232-1984 or 1-877-222-1984

Funded by the City of Philadelphia and managed by Project HOME, homeless outreach teams are trained in the areas of Mental Health and Addiction Disorders and provides or supports vital outreach services, including:

  • Crisis intervention
  • Limited case management support
  • Mental health/addiction challenges
  • Housing assistance

Outreach workers are sensitive to the unique challenges of homeless individuals. The outreach teams work to build trusting relationships so that these individuals will accept placement in an appropriate setting where they can obtain treatment and housing services to stabilize their lives.

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