Dignity Housing multifamily house

Dignity Housing’s program is designed to facilitate movement from homelessness toward self-sufficiency through the provision of subsidized rental housing (project-based Section 8 subsidies), supportive services and transition to permanent housing for those in transitional housing.

Dignity Housing is no longer able to accept housing applications directly from applicants or other service providers.  All residents come to Dignity Housing through Philadelphia’s Centralized Homeless Intake Services.  Managed by the City of Philadelphia Office of Homeless Service, Philadelphia’s Coordinated Entry and Assessment-Based Housing Referral System (CEA-BHRS) is a process designed to coordinate program participant access, assessment, and referrals to homeless assistance services and housing. CEA-BHRS (pronounced “sea-breeze”) shifts the focus from a strategy that says “Should we accept this household into our program?” to one that says “What housing /service assistance is best for each household and quickly ends their housing crisis permanently?

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