Dignity Housing multifamily house

Dignity Housing’s program is designed to facilitate movement from homelessness toward self-sufficiency through the provision of subsidized rental housing (project-based Section 8 subsidies), supportive services and transition to permanent housing for those in transitional housing.



Scattered Site 

  • Permanent Supportive Housing for 36 homeless families and individual adults with disabilities. Residents receive supports to enhance independent living skills.
  • Targeted service recipients include homeless adults (men and women) and families having at least one member who has a history of chronic substance abuse, is HIV-positive, and/or has been diagnosed with a mental health or physical disability.
  • All applicants to this program must be literally homeless, coming from an OHS-recognized shelter or other place not designed for human habitation (car, park, hotel/motel, street etc.) No “doubled up” or “house-to-house” applications will be considered.


Self-Contained Housing Development in Germantown

  • Sixteen (16) housing units for individual women or women with children
  • 18-24 month transitional housing program servicing women (and their children) who have experienced domestic violence. Services focus on transitioning to permanent housing, healing due to trauma, and moving toward self-sufficiency.
  • Applicants may be residing in a shelter, safe haven, or other places not designed for permanent human habitation, as well as an unfit, unstable and temporary living situation including “doubled up” or “house to house” with friends and/or relatives.

DIGNITY III-BOSS (Better Options for Self-Sufficiency)

Scattered Site

  • Eight (8) housing units for single mothers and their children
  • 12-18 month transitional housing program designed for single mothers with a recent history of addiction. Services focus on transitioning to permanent housing, assistance with maintaining sobriety, and moving toward self-sufficiency.
  • Applicants must be residing in an OHS recognized shelter or recovery program; shelter or program staff must complete an OHS Clearinghouse application and request Dignity Housing to have clients referred to the DIII program. Dignity Housing is unable to accept applications directly from clients for the DIII program.

To see if you are eligible, please download this preliminary application form.

Email to: ksimmer@dignityhousing.org or fax to 215-713-0968

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