Promoting Self-Sufficiency

At Dignity Housing, we know that affordable housing alone will not move individuals and families out of poverty. For that reason, Dignity’s provides housing in combination with supportive services designed to promote the self sufficiency of our residents.Our supportive services model encourages residents to be actively involved in setting goals – initially, to achieve daily stability through life skill development and health and wellness support.  Once stable, clients tackle individual goals in areas of education, workforce development, employment, and securing permanent housing beyond Dignity.The backbone of Dignity’s social services design is its trademarked Life Skills Development Component® (LSDC). LSDC requires each tenant head-of-household to develop and pursue life improvement goals in a variety of areas including:

  • Income Enhancement and Money Management
  • Education; Health and Wellness
  • Job Readiness, Training, and Placement
  • Home Maintenance
  • Parenting and Child Care
  • Homeownership Preparation
  • Leadership Development
  • Community Service

Work in these areas helps clients and their families to find stability as well as to become self sufficient as they prepare to move beyond Dignity.

Case Management

Dignity’s Case Mangers represent the heart of the organization’s supportive services.  They develop trusting relationships with their clients and provide guidance, encouragement and resources that help families and individuals achieve stability and break the cycle of homelessness.

Health & Wellness Supports

While homelessness has many causes, substance abuse and/or long-term struggles with mental health issues are major obstacles to stability and self-sufficiency for many Dignity clients. Dignity works closely with a clinical consultant to understand the role that mental health plays in each client’s struggles with poverty and homelessness.  Clients may receive mental health services and attend outpatient and sponsorship programs via a range of providers. In addition, on-site workshops and seminars are organized by Case Managers to address the health and well-being of our tenants and their children.

Education & Workforce Development

For many Dignity residents, education is the key to opening doors: into the workforce, improving life skills and enhancing self-esteem.  Dignity provides workforce development and education services specially designed to address the needs of our homeless clients in pursing greater self-sufficiency.  Supports include:
Workforce Development Services:
Dignity Housing’s clients are assessed on an individual basis by their Case Managers to determine their employment histories and employment needs. Case managers may provide individualized job preparation services to their clients or refer them to a partnering job development or placement organization.
Adult Basic Education: 
Many of Dignity’s clients come to the organization with low reading and math skills. Many lack a high school diploma or a GED, which limits their ability to obtain viable employment.  Clients who enter Dignity Housing without a high school diploma are required to enroll in Dignity’s on-site Adult Basic Education program and their progress is monitored by the Education Coordinator. Originally established as a GED preparation program, the program has been expanded to Adult Basic Education in recognition of the diverse needs of Dignity’s tenant population. As a result of this evolution, students include those seeking to improve their basic reading and math skills, those pursing a GED as well as clients who possess a GED and require a “refresher” to attend college classes or enhance their employment.

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